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Serenity Indigo Handprinted Scarf

Serenity Indigo Handprinted Scarf

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The beautiful OMSutra Serenity Indigo Dyed Long Scarf is made of luxurious cotton and has been hand dyed in natural indigo using traditional dyeing and printing technique. Pair this ultra long scarf with a white tank and blue jeans for a night on the town or wear it over your favorite dress. Also makes a great beach coverup for warm, sunny days.

• Handmade with love and soul by the artisans in India

• Please note due to different dye vats and technique variations your Cotton Fabric may look slightly different in color and pattern to the one shown on the website.

• They are dyed with absolute precision using mud resist and clamp dye techniques.

Technical Specifications: 100 cm  (w)x 215 cm (L)

Materials: Luxurious Cotton fabric, indigo plant dye


Due to the nature of the technique, each design will be individual and the scarf designs will be completely unique. It is made from luxurious cotton fabric dyed using Natural Indigo plant dye which is lightweight but still holds it structure when worn.


OMSutra's scarves require a little love to take care of them. Wash separately before use, as Indigo may rub or stain other fabrics if left touching them while wet.


This scarf is designed by OMSutra and handcrafted by their artisan communities in India, that bring a story to each piece.


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