Shop with your conscience intact

Shop with your conscience intact

It's easy to shop your favorite brands without a care for how they are made, but it's also easy and much nicer to be socially aware. It's not hard to buy beautiful, handcrafted items without compromising your social conscience. At Peace Love Party, every item in the store is handcrafted and ethically sourced.

One such product is from GUNAS NEW YORK, a line of vegan workbags and totes. The Koko Lilac Vegan Workbag doesn't just carry all your stuff. It also carries the name of the beloved lowland gorilla, Koko, who was an animal rights celebrity herself. The Koko handbag features every bit of extravagance anyone could desire, plus It's PETA approved and animal friendly.

Black soapstone Maasai Box

Another example sold on Peace Love Party is a dark and unique Black Soapstone Maasai Jewelry Box. These handy keepsake boxes are ethically sourced from artisans in Kenya's western highlands and Nairobi, providing jobs and income.

Peace Love Party only sells all natural, handmade Bath and body products too. That means you can pamper his beard and skin with the Beard Plus Bundle and know that no animals were harmed to create the products. Indulge yourself in peace with the amazingly fresh For Me Bath Bundle with reduced packaging waste. 

That's how you can shop for beautifully made products and be mindful of the people and processes that created them.

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