Scented massage butter brings sense of peace

In a world of hectic timeframes, our bodies crave the human touch more than ever.
AromatScented massage butter brings peaceherapy massage is a lovely way to honor your lover, family and friends. Elevate your massage pleasure with the warmth and comfort of scented massage butter from Peace Love Party.

Aromatherapy with fragrant massage butter instantly brings you closer to the one you love. Relax and release with a soft and soothing touch, or launch into an invigorating, deep body massage for pure relaxation. With seven varieties of scented massage butter, benefits can include improved mood, pain management and a sense of peace.

All massage butter fragrances are skin safe, vegan and dye free. Choose from florals such as Lavender or Cherry Blossom; neutral scents of Green Tea & Pear or Orange Guava; masculine scents of Black Salt or Burl Scrum; and the sensual, scented massage butter for lovers, Pink Noir.



Pink Noir Massage Butter

Black Salt

Burl Scrum

Cherry Blossom

Green Tea & Pear


Orange Guava

Pink Noir

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